Monday, September 12, 2005

Whaz UP ??

I have been pretty busy lately and haven't been able to put up posts for more that a week. Sorry all. I have been working on my RS Literacy lesson due in November. Yeah it is that time of year. I did it last year but I only taught the women's class. This year I will be covering gospel literacy for children, youth, and adult.

So of course I am focused. I just started a new blog about Gospel Studies called Know Your Religion. I found an old Sunday School Student Manual that is just terrific in covering the simple basics. It is a little more along the line of Gospel Principles but I think a little deeper. I really enjoyed re-reading it and truly felt the spirit of encouragement and new light added to my understanding already.

I thought that my family and friends might like to read it also but with it being so ancient and out of print I am left to transcribe it. Dave helped me set up a Gospel Study Blog to do this. It is good to be going over it again as I type it into the computer.

I don't know if you and your wards have been struggling to teach the pure gospel of Jesus Christ minus the Church Activity culture. We have had quite a few "strong" youth that came from strong, serving families, in our ward that has graduate right out of Young Men's and Women's without an independant personal testimony. The good peer pressure can only support them for so long. Truly the Church doesn't have the power that the family has in helping our kids.

I have been troubled about what I can do to make sure my two children know and feel a testimony for themselves. So what am I doing? Family scripture study, Family prayer, memorizing one scripture weekly, family service projects. Now I need to get them to do better with their personal prayers and scripture readings. That should be enough to overload me.

So you see my drive to explore supportive ways and opportunities to teach MY children. Homeschool will help I know because I have already seen how much stronger of mind my son is in his Sunday classes. He doesn't care if the others are playing the,"wow we're bored game, look how cool I am?" He will respond to the teacher and the material. WoW....

Anyway that is what has been going through my mind lately. Let me know where it's going to fall flat. hahah Love ya... Dawnie


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