Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wigged out Frogs

Welcome to my world. I have my sweet husband to thank for this new development in my life. He has given to me of the "forbidden fruit," and I did partake. Kind of a switch don't you think but in the world of computers I think it is the rule. He is the greatest computer genius I know and he loves to play on it at work and at home. He only wanted me to have fun just like him. Afterall my two children are also independent bloggers. Ha I was the only rebellious one. I guess that is to be expected seeing that I was born in Nevada. I just hope that I don't embarrass myself. My only comfort is this cloak of anonymity or is it invisibility.
I am sure I will not be so diligent in my postings because I need my sleep! My little daughter has decided that it is her goal to exercise every morning before school, 6:00AM and so I need to come with her. I need the exercise too so I thought I would support her in this goal. Nothing makes you value sleep as when you feel that you are being deprived of it.
I have been going to bed earlier but still struggling a bit. My muscles are rebelling but my spirit is soaring and so I continue on. We are getting ready for Disneyland and Oceanside. She is such an inspiration at how determined she is when she has a plan. We have been having fun with our 30 minute walks, laughing, singing, yelling, in short waking up the neighborhood. We get the dogs barking, wake the sleepy cats sneeking out from under the vehicles in the drive ways. When we get home we just collapse and stare at each other for about a nanosecond before one of us busts out laughing. Oh what fun having a daughter to play with.

I had fun with the initial setup and was faithful in playing the game. One of the last things it asked was my response to their request that I tell a story about a bald frog and a wig. I thought for a little while and wrote a nice long story. When I went to complete the set up it rejected my story. Already. It tells me I must not go over 150 characters for this little section. I will tell you right now that I am never brief in my story telling and quite liberally stretch whatever truth is in it to make it fun. I therefore refuse to be rejected and so I am doing an end run in posting my whole story on this first note. I hope you enjoy my quirkiness.

Once upon a time there was a young teenage boy frog who thought he would always be young and free. He thought he could be as foolish as he wanted. Why worry for today, he had plenty of time to grow up. He would not bother worrying about consequences of his teenage actions. Not just yet.
In the pond where he lived and grew up, there was a well known law that allowed any young unmarried boy frogs to kiss any unmarried girl frogs, but first he would have to give her a hair from off his head in exchange for her kiss. If he went about kissing everyone right and left, then his foolish ways would soon make him bald and repulsive. This would be a bad thing for a young teenage boy frog who was looking for love.
This law was formed by the elders to help young frogs discipline themselves. The girls liked it because they could know by just looking who the foolishly boys were that didn't know what true love really was and who gave away his kisses undiscriminantly. Most teenage boy frogs thought this provision was not a problem because they had plenty of hair. They would make sure they saved their kisses for someone they truly loved and not just for practice or to show off.
There was one young teenaged boy frog who was not disciplined in his thinking or behaviors. Sadly he went around kissing all the girls that would let him. He thought he was the big frog in the pond just like the adults. Before he knew it he started noticing that he had very few hairs left on his head. He looked both looked funny and felt ashamed. You see for a teenage boy frog to be bald was not good. He thought and thought and decided that he could just get a wig, slap it on and life would be good. He went and got a real nice, pretty wig, and slapped it right on to top of his little bald head. He went out hopping along in just fine fashion until the wind and rain pulled that fancy wig right off. The girls on the lilies gasped and turned their heads. He went home ashamed and sad for his foolishness. Now he would have to face those consequences today. He found out that he couldn't eat his cake afterall. Cake is for those who wait. The End.


At 10:59 AM, August 19, 2005, Blogger David B. said...

Hi Sweety:

This was really a fine first post! Welcome to the blogosphere! Thanks for the nice compliments.

Your frog story turned out pretty cute too!

I saw a blog post today that reminded me of you. Be sure to read the post titled: Punishment that hung me out to dry. If you like it, you can blogroll it.

Hope you have a nice day to day. Have fun at the farm, and take lots of photos. - Big R.


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