Sunday, August 28, 2005

If were going to DIE...

At least we willl die Together!

My sister and her family are up visiting us from Santa Clara, Utah. We love having them come and are so much fun. They have 4 boys with their ages ranging from 15 to 5 yrs old. They have been planning for a year to go up to Snowbird Ski Resort and play on all the summer activity stuff. (Zip line, rock climbing-13 stories high, bungee tramp, alpine slide, and tram). You know all that dangerous stuff.

Unfortunately I woke up again with a headache. (one of those company is in town kind of headaches,) not really, but my mom teases me about that. I didnt think it would go away with all the outside activities in the bright sunlight so I had to inform my pleading children that they would not be going with them. (I guess it turned out to be a good thing after all, because they still havent returned back and its 10:00pm).

By about 2:00pm, and after having slept the morning away, I was feeling much better. They had gone to the Copper Mine to let me have a quiet house and had just come back, (2:30) with all their gift shop treasures. They were planning on going four wheeling and wanted me to come. I relented as I was tired of being in the house.

Dave wanted to go up Butterfield Canyon and take some pictures. Of course we would have to do some side trails. He always lights up at that prospect. We werent really planning to be too long, (a main selling point) and so I thought we could bring the multi-bred dog. (Strider our wandering mutt)

They were already loaded up the snacks and pop, we collared the dog, I grabbed my sunglasses, got the Tylenol, threw the kids bikes in the back, and we were off giggling and wee hooing. It had been such a nice day and I love doing things with my family.

Dave only anticipated being gone 3-4 hours. I have had 2 big steaks marinating in Korean Barbeque, for the last 2 days. They absolutely had to be eaten today. Go get some Brocks corn to go along with it. Wow. Anyway

Butterfield Canyon road leads up to the top of a peak in the Oquirrh Mountains and then on over the other side into Toole, (Pronounced two-ella). We were having a great time teasing and being playful with each other. The kids kept reminding me Were tipping MOM, I cant see the road.! All my fear buttons.

I told them through gritted teeth that I really loved being with my family. Then I added seriously, in a very dramatical voice, If were going to die. We will die all TOGETHER. Ha ahe. Then Sami pipes in Were going to die, Mama? We all laughed and laughed. I once heard, truth is often spoken in jest.

As we ascended the mountain, there were pull outs where we could look out over the whole South Salt Lake Valley. Turn the other way and there was Utah Valley and Utah Lake. We were on the top of the world. It made me wonder if this is what Pres. Brigham Young saw in his vision. You could see to the tips of the Wasatch Mountains.

Sami, my worry wart in crime, was none to excited with all the necessary truck tipping, bouncing, and expansive views. Dave didnt make it any easier either as he had to find the bounciest section of the road to get his dirt road driving practice. I hadnt noticed but as we climbed higher she grew quieter and more resistive. The culmination was when we reached to top viewing area. We were on the literal top peak and she didnt like the height of it all.

This peak was directly above the HUGE Kennecott Copper Mine open pit. You could see the whole operation, all the pits, trucks, shovels, and dump areas. Dave and kids had gone up to the Mine earlier while I was down with the headache. He told me that they saw blasting this morning while they were there. He will be putting all the mine stuff on his blog, The Whole Note. Check out his pictures, they are amazing.

When we parked, I jumped right out as did the dog sitting in my lap. Sami was fussing about this being not good and she wasnt coming out. Dave had not parked to close to the edge, per mamas orders but that didnt lessen her fears. She ended up only coming out for about the last 5 minutes of our stay.

Anyway, I was talking to two guys that were also up there enjoying the view. They told us that they were copper mine workers at the open pit mine in Ely. Their mine was much smaller and directs their traffic differently. They have the dump trucks driving around on Left side of the inner mine roads because their roads were much narrower than Kennecott. This would allow their drivers to judge the distances between trucks better as they pass each other.

While I was distracted in my conversations, the dumb dog was out exploring the rim of the viewing area and peeing on anything of height. In his meandering he found a human dropping. Well, the gross part is that he put his shoulder and neck right down on the little present and rolled in it. He was a smeary mess!!!! OOOH,
I hate that.

Strider came trotting proudly back over to us to let us partake of his new cologne. Dave and I just looked at each other with our noses in rebellion, “Now what are we going to do? We dont have a livestock trough to give him a bath in.!!! This was about the time that Sami decided to come out of the truck to see what all the faces were about.

He has done this once before out at a cattle ranch area. It was an open range sort of set up over by Longhurst Springs out west of Randolph Utah. There were lots of noisey, stinky, cattle all around. He shows up slimed them. We just thought this attack of hot steaming green cow poop was because he was sniffing to close to the heals of a raised bovine tail. He was covered from the top of his head, down his right shoulder, neck, and leg. Luckily the spring fed a long row of cattle troughs to water the animals. He got a prolonged, icy bath in a mossy trough before he was allowed back in the truck, to warm up. We thought he was an innocent victim of some mean cows. Now we know differently.. Why do dogs do that??

Now what are we going to do? Dave tells me, “Leave him here?â€ï¿½ Ha ha, there he goes again trying to protect his new blue truck, that would have to transport the pooped pup home. Can you just see him madly going through mental gymnastics, trying to work out a solution before I popped out with one he is definitely not going to like? We decided that for now it was a good time for the kids to ride their bikes. With the bikes out of the back we could put the four legged, walking mess, back there.

This worked out for a couple of miles. The kids were having fun on their bikes but soon it became to hot under the camper shell to keep Strider in there. I announce that we are going to have to bring him into the cab to keep him cool. Dave is making all sorts of whining sound effects from his side of the truck as I leave the cab.

I though we could improvise some sort of hazard suit to put the dog and additives into. That way I could keep human and animal happy. I took a Mc Dees sack and poked a hole in the bottom. I got Striders head through it but there wasnt enough coverage. It worked fine in containing the stuff on his chest but not the stuff still showing under his neck.

Punky was standing at the back of the truck with his bike watching our struggles daintily dressing the dog. I was furiously thinking about what I could use for a neck cover and saw Punky's Tee shirt. I did the most horrible thing in Punkys eyes. I asked.. I told him to give me his tee shirt. OOOH, yuck mama. That is disgusting. Not MY shirt. NOW, young man.

He did surrender his shirt, under great duress. I opened the sleeve and poked the dogs head through. That will work. Perfect, a turtle neck." I looked over at Dave as he nods his approval. This might work after all but then again I am the one that hold the mutt.

I picked him up gingerly, feeling him slip a little in my hands. I was sure glad IT was under all those covers. Ohhh I hate that. I lifted him up on the bench seat and sat him on a blanket beside me. There he is sentenced to sit compliantly until he meets the garden hoses. Dave now is quickly rolling down all the windows and has turned on the A/C full blast to push out the foul smell. Do you remember watching your husband change a poopy diaper the first time? Well, get a pretty good picture all the facial gyrations and sound effects coming from the driver seat beside me. NOT GOOD, but it is funny. He wasnt really that bad but close.

Dashing down the hills, in a open Blue Ford truck, What fun we all had as we ride and sing, the poopy dog song tonight.


At 7:57 PM, August 28, 2005, Blogger cmhl said...

those picture are gorgous, wow.

At 5:03 PM, August 30, 2005, Blogger UtahDave said...

Now I have heard the rest of the story! :-) Utah~Dave

At 7:16 PM, September 01, 2005, Blogger Code Red Mama said...

Thank you. Mommie, Dave, I usually am the embellisher of the family.


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