Sunday, August 21, 2005

Altius Academy in Session

Home schooling is going well so far. It has been different for me this time. My past experience with HS and my confidence has been a definite plus. This time I have an established curriculum (Oak Meadow Curriculum) which outlines what I need to be doing from week to week. It is accredited also. We on using the program Dr. Goldstein recommended. I hope to teach the learning skills using his strengths.

Having the whole day to do all this is a real plus. When you think of all the non-learning time that occupies a traditional student’s day, it is a shame more of it couldn’t be used for real learning. Sami is continuing to go to the elementary school. She needs to work on her negotiating skills that the playground provides.

My husband installed a voice recognition word-processing program called Dragon Naturally Speaking which should help him get his compositions out in written word. We have begun a typing program called Mavis Beacon Types so that should help his computer skills. He does his piano practice during his school time and he likes that. We have a new piano teacher. I hope she works out. I have a handwriting program this year to help with his legibility and speed. The spelling program is sequential and grouped into word families, not the grammatical approach that is traditionally taught.

Punky has been doing well in his I.M. training. We and have been driving to Murray, (much to early), to the U Can Learn Center, there where he has been undergoing Interactive Metronome training daily for the last two weeks now. He has 4 more days left.

One of the main goals we hope that this will accomplish is to improve his upper and lower body integration. It’s like the internal timing that’s needed for a person to jump rope or swim. He couldn’t quite plan and predict when that rope was at his feet and struggled to do these activities. Not good to be entering teen years and be really uncoordinated. It is said to help with intellectual planning, and organizing. We are planning to do “Fast ForWord” also this year. I hope he can have a good foundation for later years.

I hope to remember his love and delight of discovery. He has always had that drive to explore. Now I need to somehow make the difficult things a challenge-puzzle for him to solve. Sounds like a tall order to me.


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